Building Industrial Infrastructure

SPAC assurance a promise that will fulfilled to the hilt

Who are we?

 SPAC, an engineering and construction firm was incorporated to offer complete construction services to the global market. The goal of SPAC is to deliver quality projects on time, on budget, at international standards and to the complete satisfaction of the

 We serves the industry by setting up and maintaining Power, Sugar, Chemical, Petrochemical Oil & Gas and Industrial plants and also providing consultancy services, and manpower services to clients in the field of Construction.

 Our team has engineer’s adept in all aspects of engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, assessment, and project management. SPAC employees are provided with necessary resources to successfully complete an assigned project. They are trained with updated Work Methods and Safe Operations programs.

 Our Expert Engineers are specialized in planning and execution of projects ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET PLANNED through methods engineering, value engineering, contract
management and TQM.

 SPAC is headed by Its Managing Director Mr Praveen Miranda who has got a 28 year of rich exposure in the field of Power, Petroleum industries he has completed various prestigious projects for EIL, BHEL, NTPC, VEDANTA, IHI –Japan, Hyundai –South Korea, Wartsila. Etc. 

 SPAC has developed an international network of partners & collobrators that represent a large number of companies and organizations worldwide.

 We are partnered with Mauritian based Engineering company EDCC Ltd which is a diversified engineering enterprise operating in the field of Engineering, Design, Consultancy, Contracting, and Maintenance, particularly oriented towards Energy related
sector. EDCC stands as being a technologically proficient company for each market served bringing each time solutions beyond customers expectations.

 We specialize in assisting corporate organizations to develop capability and international trade. We work in Europe, Central
and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa and the United States.

 Our associates and clients include many multinational companies and national and international organizations representing a whole spectrum of businesses and services.

 With the collobration of SPAC & EDCC the portfolio of activities of the company range from Power Generation, Water Treatment, Sugar Industry, Food Industry and Interalia Structural Works Cross Country Piping Etc.

 Focusing in the Middle East , African and European markets we have completed projects in countries like Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Australia, France, South Africa, Senegal, Togo, Reunion Islands etc.

 Dismantling, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 1X10 MW biomass Based Power project for Sustainable Green Energy Pvt Ltd –Sri Lanka.

 Modification of Sugar plant and capacity addition for Kilombero Sugar Company – Part of the Illovo group – Tanzania.

 Erection, Testing Commissioning of process piping for GT5 Oil Refinery At Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation for Jurong Maintenance Ltd-Singapore (JML).

 Erection, of Structures and piping for Integrated Steel Plant project for Shriram EPC Ltd in MISCO – Oman.  

 Erection, Testing and Commissioning of piping, structures and tanks at Ivory Coast. 

 Mechanical package Installation for a Sugar Factory in Swaziland.

 Fabrication and erection of Building Structures for an Expansion Project for a leadeing company in Mauritius.

 Fabrication and Erection of Structures, Piping and Equipments for Sugar refinery project.

 Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel for petronas Rapid Project Package P14.for a leading company in Malaysia.

 Fabrication and Erection of Structures, Piping and Equipments for Sugar refinery project for in Tanzania.

 Erection of Unit 2 Pressure parts for 2X660MW thermal power project for ILFS power project at cuddalore.

 Design, Supply, Installation of Potable water Pipeline for SAWACO –Saudi Arabia total scope is 5Km pipe Line.

 Fabrication and Erection of Glazing Support Structures at SiruseriChennai

 Supply, Fabrication, Painting of various steel structures for Chennai Metro Rail Project. 

 Supply, Fabrication and Erection of Foot Over Bridge for Chennai Metro Rail Ltd for Koyembedu Station.

 Supply and Installation of Insulation For Equipments and Piping For Bio Ethanol Project at Seirra Leone.

 Fabrication of Structures and Piping and Erection Of Equipments For Bio Ethanol Projects at Seirra Leone.

 Fabrication and laying of Cross-Country Oil Pipeline for leading company in Kuwait. Scope includes excavation up to require depth and laying of piping and backfilling and compacting as per the requirements.

 Excavation up to 20 Mtrs including conveying of excess soil up to 20 KM Distances under M/s Afcons Transtonnelstroy (JV) in Thriuvika Park Metro Station at Chennai – Qty 50,000 Cubic Meter

 Fabrication, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Pipeline, structures and Equipments for the KG D6 gas Station at Kakinada-Andra Pradesh.

 Installation of piping network for 5X 125MW Bhakra Nangal Hydro Power Project for Andritz Hydro.

 Rehabilitation of Steel Bridges and Design, Supply, Fabrication, Galvanising And erection Of Coastal Surveillance

 Towers For Seychelles Islands for a leading company in Mauritius

 Fabrication and Erection of Glazing support Structures for Bangalore International Airport.

 Fabrication, Painting & Erection of Pipe Rack and Building Structures for a company in Tuticorin.

 Fabrication of Structures and Piping and Erection Of Equipments at Tanzania and Erection, Testing of Hydrogen service pipeline for oil company at Cudallore.

 Fabrication of Pipe Structures of Passenger terminal building for Chennai Airport Expansion Project for CCCL.

 Fabrication & Erection of Glazing Support Structures for the Chennai airport Expansion project.

 Excavation, DI Pipe Laying and Backfilling and Disposal of Excess Soil to a distance of 23 Kms for the Chennai Metro Water Thervaikandigai to Karanodai pipe line project.

 Onsite Fabrication and erection of Piping, Structurals and equipments for the expansion of Sugar factory for Ubombo Sugars –Swaziland.

 Fabrication & Erection of Steel Building Structures of Global Testing Center for NATRIP at Chennai.

 Fabrication and erection of Cat walk structures for the LNG Terminal for Petronet – Kochi for M/s Afcons Infrastructures Ltd.

 Fabrication, Erection of Structural Factory Building for M/s Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd –Chennai.

 Electrical Works for M/s Areva Ltd for their Chennai airport Expansion works.

 Fabrication of Sugar Plant Equipments and structures for Fivescail KCP for Fincha Sugar plant at Ethiopia.

 Fabrication and erection of Turbine building structures and platform including roofing at Bellary.

 Fabrication & Erection of Piping , Structures and erection of Equipments for 3000TPD cement plant at Banaganapalli-Andhra Pradesh.

 Fabrication & Erection of Piping, structural works Etc for utilities at Expansion of Mahagra unit for Illovo Sugars-Mosambique.

 Expansion works for capacity addition including replacing all Piping for Kagera Sugars – Tanzania.

 Fabrication of cooling tower structures and Air cooled condensers for BGR Energy systems –Chennai.

 Fabrication & Erection of BOP piping For M/s BGR Energy System Ltd., for their 1 X 500 MW Power project VTPS at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

 Erection of Turbine Building Structures For 1X500MW thermal power Project VTPS at Vijayawada for M/s BGR Energy Systems Ltd.

And many more projects for leading companies across the world. 

 Fabrication and Erection of unit piping and cooling water piping for 2X 40 MW power Plant in Mauritius.

 Fabrication and Erection of Utility Piping for a Factory in Mauritius

 Fabrication and Erection of Entire Piping for Balance of Plant for 1X500 MW Thermal power Project at Vijayawada.

 Fabrication and Erection of Entire Piping for Balance of Plant for 1X500 MW Thermal power Project at Warangal.

 Expansion works for capacity addition including replacing all Piping foa company in Tanzania.

 Fabrication & Erection of Piping , for 3000TPD cement plant at banaganapalli-Andhra Pradesh.

 Fabrication & Erection of Piping, for utilities at Expansion of a Sugar plant-Mosambique.

 Fabrication & Erection of on shore and off Shore Jacketed Piping ( 16 inch and 12 inch and 12 inch by 8 inch sizes)of 8Km Length of which 2.0 Kms in Sea bed at Cudallore.

 Oil Fuel depot, Oil piping system and steel structures from Quay number 2 to the tank farm area for leading oil companies. .

 Cross Country Piping for oil unloading terminal total length 16 Kms at Mauritius Port. 


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