Where human resource matters
When it comes to running a professional operation - be it any walk of business - the need of the hour is indeed honing and enhancing the skills of the available human resources... the result - SPAC PPF Programme, the Company’s extreme-focus training module for aspiring personnel to be the best in the field of heavy engineering. This range of full-time, Government-recognised courses in mechanical disciplines commences with those for Pipe Welders and Fabricators as Phase I. Later, the programme intends to run similar course in such other related areas that would cover a wide gamut ranging from the bare essentials like communication skills, to advanced training methodologies to render highly successful and confident people, ready to take on the demands of the global market!



Are you ready to take on the
global challenge?

Do you aspire to dream big
and reach out to stand on the
world stage?

Or, are you already qualified
enough and looking forward
to a promising career?

Are you willing to grow with
SPAC and partake in its
ambitious HRD agenda?

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