The Chennai-based SPAC Power Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. presents an all-encompassing capability to engineer & execute the most challenging green projects that the industry may have to offer!

SPAC, an eco-conscious heavy engineering firm, was incorporated to offer complete green solutions and services to the global market. The goal of SPAC is to complete environmental engineering projects spot-on... top-notch quality, timely delivery, budget-friendly and complying with global standards - to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer.

SPAC serves the industry by setting up and maintaining Power, Chemical, Petrochemical and Industrial plants and also by providing consultancy / manpower services and green project packages to clients the world over.

SPAC’s team of engineers is highly qualified in all aspects of engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, assessment and environmental project management. SPAC employees are provided with necessary resources to successfully complete an assigned project. They are trained with updated work methods and safe operations programmes.